Cath Tatham - Cath Tatham Photography

Born and raised in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, I am a true farm girl at heart. After spending some time exploring the world, I’ve come to settle in Cape Town, South Africa.

Although I truly began to appreciate photography recently, capturing moments have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid I’d have at least two disposable cameras in my possession at any given moment. One these rolls of film you’d find the content for one of the many magazines I was busy dreaming up. These blurry, out of focus photographs (that usually involved one of our poor cats) could later be found sticky-taped in a collage of magazine cut outs.  I’m pleased to say that things only got better from there when I got my hands on a digital camera. It was the start of countless holiday photoshoots, basic photo editing, and pushing of my creativity boundaries. 

It wasn’t until five years ago that photography began to be something I took more seriously. One cold night at a music festival in the heart of the Drakensberg Mountains, I met someone who would have the biggest influence on my photography. His camera had become his escape from the real world and it wasn’t long before this had rubbed off on me. A few months later, he bought me my first camera and took me to my first photo walk through the streets of Pretoria. The excitement I felt when I captured moments on that walk were tangible. Fast forward to today, some three years later, and that excitement when I capture moments is still clear. In fact, I’m almost embarrassed to say it’s intensified and usually shows itself in the form of an awkward happy dance when I capture a photograph I love. 

The thing that I love most about photography is seeing the look on someone’s face when I show them a photograph of themselves. Being able to capture a beautiful moment in a way that someone will be able to cherish for years to come is truly magical.